cyber60 - wireless ZMK keyboard PCB (60% MX, ALPS or SMK)

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Wireless 60% PCB for use with ZMK. PCB is adapted fit Bakeneko-style cases if USB Port is not soldered on or desoldered, but a correctly placed battery cutout is needed, in the case.

The PCB can be assembled for use with Bakeneko-style cases, if this is needed, please open a support ticket regarding this before ordering. Open a support ticket by clicking the help-button in the bottom right corner.


  • ZMK-support
  • USB-C
  • nRF52840 BLE module, pre certified.
  • Suitable in tray-mount cases
  • RGB underglow using 16 qt WS2812C-2020
  • Buzzer and RGB indicator led on board, but not yet implemented in code.
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • Rotaty encoder support for SMD rotary in split backspace position (furthest to the right on top row)
  • JST PH and JST SH battery connector
  • Daughter board connector compatible with unified daughter board
  • 1.6mm thickness (no stabilizer shims needed)

PCB ships with a JST SH battery connector mounted on the PCB and a additional JST PH that can be soldered on by the user (THT).

Layout support, Cyber60 Rev D:

Note: They greyed out options is only available on older revisions of the PCB.

Layout support, Cyber60 Hot Swap Rev D:

PCB is delivered tested and preflashed with uf2-bootloader and default ZMK-build.

Link to ZMK documentation:

Link to ZMK-config:

A-stock vs B-stock:

I offer these PCB's in A-stock and B-stock. B-stock PCBs is PCBs that is functionally working properly, but has flaws. This can be imperfections in how it's milled out (the PCB outline), scratches on soldermask, slight damage to JST-connector etc. I like these PCBs to still come to use and not become junk. So I offer them up here for cheap. I hope you will see this as a bargain and to prevent waste.