cyber60 - wireless ZMK keyboard PCB (60% MX, ALPS or SMK)

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Wireless 60% PCB for use with ZMK. PCB is adapted fit Bakeneko-style cases if USB Port is not soldered on or desoldered, but a correctly placed battery cutout is needed, in the case.

The PCB can be assembled for use with Bakeneko style cases, if this is needed, please open a support ticket regarding this before ordering. Open a support ticket by clicking the help-button in the bottom right corner or email

This PCB is also compatible with the GEON Frog Mini but do note that the Frog do not have a battery compartment. I'd recommend a very thin battery or one that fits between PCB and plate.

Instruction on how to remap the PCB using the keymap-editor: Link


  • ZMK software-support (Not QMK or VIA)
  • USB-C
  • nRF52840 BLE module, pre certified.
  • RGB underglow using 16 qt WS2812C-2020
  • Buzzer and RGB indicator led below capslock switch (for shine through switches)
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • Rotaty encoder support for SMD rotary in split backspace position (furthest to the right on top row)
  • JST PH and JST SH battery connector
  • Daughter board connector compatible with unified daughter board
  • 1.6mm thickness (no stabilizer shims needed)

PCB ships with a JST SH battery connector mounted on the PCB and a additional JST PH that can be soldered on by the user (THT).

Layout support, Cyber60 Rev D:

Note: They greyed out options is only available on older revisions of the PCB.

Layout support, Cyber60 Hot Swap Rev D:

PCB is delivered tested and preflashed with uf2-bootloader and default ZMK-build.

Link to ZMK documentation:

Link to ZMK-config:

Default ZMK Firmware:

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Josef Bitschnau

cyber60 - wireless ZMK keyboard PCB (60% MX, ALPS or SMK)

Trung Bui

I’m appreciate seller support for my questions about payment method and the compatibility.

I think the package should be along with cushion, The PCB is bent a bit when came to my hand.