Polaris compatible plate (60% MX)

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Polaris compatible FR4-plate for use with the Polaris Case and PCB

  • Plate material: FR4
  • Designed for Cherry compatible MX-switches
  • Color: Black
  • Layout compatible with original Polaris PCB and waffling60

Important: This plate is not officially endorsed by ai03 and ai03 takes no responsibility or offers any support for these if there is any issue. I have been given permission to open source and offer these for sale.


The new plate adds 3U+1U+3U split space and 10U space support. If this is needed, select the new revision plate. If not, the old revision will be half the price until it's gone. Old revision do not support 3U+1U+3U or 10U space.

Layout support:

Note: For full layout compatibility with this plate, a Waffling60 Rev C is needed. Older revision do not support 3U+1U+3U split space and 10U spacebar. Using this plate does not give these layout options with the original Polaris PCB.