Polaris V1 compatible plate (60% MX)

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Polaris compatible FR4-plate for use with the Polaris Case and PCB

  • Plate material: FR4
  • Designed for Cherry compatible MX-switches
  • Color: Black
  • Stabilizer support: PCB mount only
  • Layout compatible with original Polaris V1 PCB and waffling60

Important: This plate is not officially endorsed by ai03 and ai03 takes no responsibility or offers any support for these if there is any issue. I have been given permission to open source and offer these for sale.

Note: For full layout compatibility with this plate, a Waffling60 Rev C or newer is needed. Older revision and the original Polaris PCB by ai03 do not support 3U+1U+3U split space and 10U spacebar. Waffling60 designed to fit in the Polaris V1 can be found here: Link


Layout support: