waffling60 - Bakeneko/Kei alternative PCB (60% MX)

waffling60 - Bakeneko/Kei alternative PCB (60% MX)

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Waffling60 is a well tested tray mount design based of the GH60. Daughter board placement is compatible with the Bakeneko (both Cannonkeys-variant and the open source variant) and Kei. This PCB will not fit a tray mount case or Unikorn. The 10U support is for 10U spacebars using 8U or 7U stabilizers.


  • QMK & VIA main repos
  • ATmega32u2
  • 1 qt SK6812 Mini-E below capslock switch as RGB indicator LED.
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • 1.2mm and 1.6mm options. For the 1.2mm PCB, black 0.6mm stabilizer shims is included.
  • Color: Black

Layout support:

PCB is delivered tested and pre-flashed with VIA support enabled.


The old VIA application is no longer supported and developed by the VIA team. From now on, use the VIA website for remap, a chromium based browser is needed: Link

For use with Kei, daughter board connector is placed closer on this PCB (due to Bakeneko compatibility). We include a very thin JST-cable that is better suited for building this PCB in a Kei.

For use with the Bakeneko, there is a compatible plate here: Link

A-stock vs B-stock:

I offer these PCBs in A-stock and B-stock. B-stock PCBs is PCBs that is functionally working properly, but has flaws. This can be imperfections in how it's milled out (the PCB outline), scratches on soldermask, slight damage to JST-connector etc. I like these PCBs to still come to use and not become junk. So I offer them up here for cheap. I hope you will see this as a bargain and to prevent waste.