Waffling80 TKL PCB

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Waffling80 is a multilayout TKL PCB with support for common ANSI and ISO layouts and split space. The goal is to provide a open source alternative that is compatible with many common TKL projects.

The project is split into four different PCB designs. Two MX-versions with different spacebar rotation, one ALPS-versions with north facing spacebar rotation (MX-style PCB mount stabs) and one HiTek-version.

Note: This PCB do not fit all TKL PCBs, make sure to check the compatibility list. If you test this in a case that is not yet added to the list, please let me know. The PCB aims for H87/H88 compatibility, make sure that the spacebar rotation is correct for the case you use.

Can be used with this collection of plates: Link


  • QMK & VIA main repos
  • USB-C (can be broken away) and JST-connector for daughterboard
  • APM32F072 16bit MCU
  • RGB indicator below capslock and scroll lock switch
  • Support H87/H88 cases, check supported list: Link
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S

Layout support:

PCB is delivered tested and pre-flashed with VIA support enabled.

Note: The old VIA application is no longer supported and developed by the VIA team. From now on, use the VIA website for remap, a chromium based browser is needed: Link