waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

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Waffling60 is a well tested tray mount design based of the GH60. Daughter board placement is compatible with the Bakeneko. Fits most cases designed for a "Standard 60% PCB", like the Frog Mini by GEON.

The PCB can be assembled for use with Bakeneko style cases, if this is needed, please open a support ticket regarding this before ordering. Open a support ticket by clicking the help-button in the bottom right corner or email support@4pplet.com. For MX-switches and Bakeneko/unikorn case, I recommend the dedicated Bakeneko/Unikorn version of the PCB.

The currently stocked MX solder-version do not support Bakeneko V3 mount, the Alps version and Hotswap PCBs do. If you need a MX solder-PCB to use in the Bakeneko, I recommend the DB-version, available here: Link

This PCB is also compatible with the GEON Frog Mini.


  • QMK & VIA main repos
  • USB-C
  • ATmega32u2 for revision C. APM32F072 for revision D.
  • 1 qt SK6812 Mini-E below capslock switch as RGB indicator LED on solder version (not on Hotswap versions)
  • GH60 USB placement for tray mount and "standard 60%"-support
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • 1.6mm thickness

Layout support for solder version:

Layout support for ISO Hot Swap version:

Layout support for ANSI Hot Swap version:

PCB is delivered tested and pre-flashed with VIA support enabled.

Note: The old VIA application is no longer supported and developed by the VIA team. From now on, use the VIA website for remap, a chromium based browser is needed: Link

Customer Reviews

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Carlos Rojas Pons

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

Gabor M.
MX Solder and Hot Swap ANSI

Both PCB arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. As mentioned earlier, they supports two different but popular split-space options. In my case this is useful solution, because I want to build each of them without the side effects of a typical "swiss cheese" solder PCB or a multi-layout hot swap one with alternated sockets in the lower row.
Both PCB work perfectly with the Unified C3 daughter boards also bought here.

慶一郎 松本

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

Toni E.
Superb Product

I got the ISO hot-swap and all I can say it: solid product, works, VIA already flashed, custom stuff could be apply more or less instantly. 99/100 (1 minus is that the ISO hotswap version only has one split-space option with 3+1+3u keys and those are *really* hard to come by, an additional/separate 2.25+1.25+2.75 would be extremely welcome)
Other than that: perfect

Felix Dahlström

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)