waffling60 - Polaris V1 alternative PCB (60% MX)

waffling60 - Polaris V1 alternative PCB (60% MX)

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Waffling60 brings a well tested PCB design to the Polaris V1. This PCB will not fit a tray mount case.

The PCB is designed to be faithful to the original Polaris V1 PCB and features the same thickness, USB-placement and flexcut like the original PCB. There are some differences to the original: No underglow, no in switch leds but a RGB-led under the capslock switch as a multi-indicator.

The 1.2mm PCB ships with a black set of 0.6mm shims.

Important: This PCB is not officially endorsed by ai03 and ai03 takes no responsibility or offers any support for these if there is any issue. I have been given permission to open source and offer these for sale.

The original Polaris PCB and plate do not support 3U split space. To be able to use 3U split space with this PCB in a Polaris, you also need to use the alternative plate offered here: Link


  • QMK & VIA
  • USB-C
  • 1 qt SK6812 Mini-E below capslock switch as RGB indicator LED.
  • APM32F072 16bit MCU
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • 0.6mm stabilizer shims included with orders of the 1.2mm PCB

Layout support:

PCB is delivered tested and pre-flashed with VIA support enabled.

Note: The old VIA application is no longer supported and developed by the VIA team. From now on, use the VIA website for remap, a chromium based browser is needed: Link

Compatible Polaris V1 plate: Link