waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

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Waffling60 is a well tested tray mount design based of the GH60. Daughter board placement is compatible with the Bakeneko.

The PCB can be assembled for use with Bakeneko/Unikorn or Kei, if this is needed, please open a support ticket regarding this before ordering. Open a support ticket by clicking the help-button in the bottom right corner. For MX-switches and Bakeneko/unikorn case, I recommend the dedicated Bakeneko/Unikorn version of the PCB


  • QMK & VIA main repos
  • USB-C
  • ATmega32u2
  • 1 qt SK6812 Mini-E below capslock switch as RGB indicator LED.
  • GH60 USB placement for tray mount and "standard 60%"-support
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S

Layout support for solder version:

Layout support for ISO Hot Swap version:

PCB is delivered tested and preflashed with VIA support enabled.