waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

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Waffling60 is a well tested tray mount design based of the GH60. Daughter board placement is compatible with the Bakeneko. Fits most cases designed for a "Standard 60% PCB", like the Frog Mini by GEON.

The PCB can be assembled for use with Bakeneko style cases, if this is needed, please open a support ticket regarding this before ordering. Open a support ticket by clicking the help-button in the bottom right corner or email support@4pplet.com. For MX-switches and Bakeneko/unikorn case, I recommend the dedicated Bakeneko/Unikorn version of the PCB.

Current revision (E) that is offered of the Solder and ANSI Hotswap PCB features added underglow and rotary encoder support. The Solder PCB also adds 6U support. ISO Hotswap and ALPS version of the PCB is still revision D.

This PCB is also compatible with the GEON Frog Mini.


  • QMK & VIA main repos
  • USB-C
  • 1 qt SK6812 Mini-E below capslock switch as RGB indicator LED on solder version (not on Hotswap versions)
  • GH60 USB placement for tray mount and "standard 60%"-support
  • Open sourced with C-OHL S
  • 1.6mm thickness

Layout support for solder version:

Layout support for ISO Hot Swap version:

Layout support for ANSI Hot Swap version:

PCB is delivered tested and pre-flashed with VIA support enabled.

Note: The old VIA application is no longer supported and developed by the VIA team. From now on, use the VIA website for remap, a chromium based browser is needed: Link

Customer Reviews

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Sergio Pardo Vadillo

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

Marcus Greiff

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

Carlos Rojas Pons

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)

Gabor M.
MX Solder and Hot Swap ANSI

Both PCB arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. As mentioned earlier, they supports two different but popular split-space options. In my case this is useful solution, because I want to build each of them without the side effects of a typical "swiss cheese" solder PCB or a multi-layout hot swap one with alternated sockets in the lower row.
Both PCB work perfectly with the Unified C3 daughter boards also bought here.

慶一郎 松本

waffling60 - Tray mount (60% MX or ALPS)